Designing your corporate identity is the key step in the branding process, it begins with the strong and unique logo design, going through every small detail of your branding materials that forms the looks of your entire brand image.

The identity design is the first visual thing your client receives, and it shapes the perception of your brand, that will help you build the desired brand positioning you aim to.


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Integrity has very talented design team that has large experience in identity and logo design & creation, also has the experience and technical knowledge on how to build and effective and creative identity (CI) guidelines manuals.

And these experiences are extended through many business types with different variety of business cases.
After studying your brand’s key SBUs, we start with the creation of an effective brand identity design, that helps you stand out against the strong market competition.


We offer an integrated design packages that boosts your brand perception, and successfully reaching you target audience.We ensure building long lasting relationship between the brands we design and its customers through our unique identity designs.We offer carefully studied design elements that visually explain the reason behind you brand existence.

Our company has a talented creative design team, along with an experienced powerful account management team, that will handle your brand carefully and professionally.

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